Leadership Amelia Space Technologies (AST) forges a resilient and adaptable future, where leadership is empowered by the insights and efficiencies offered by technology and experience. AST’s foundation in Enterprise Architecture ensure that technology not only meets but drives organizational objectives for a more responsive and future-ready enterprise. Executive ManagementAST equips executive management with advanced decision-making […]


Technology Amelia Space Technologies (AST) is pioneering technology advancements that transcend traditional boundaries. AST democratizes access to cutting-edge technology, fostering  collaborative development and ethical AI for a more connected and secure future, both in space and on Earth. Open-Source AST’s open-source technology platform outperforms proprietary systems by offering unparalleled customization and collaborative development opportunities for […]


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SPACE Welcome to Amelia Space Technologies (AST), where the frontiers of space become the horizons of possibility. Our dedication to space science and technology are about reaching the moons and stars, and harnessing the potential of the cosmos for the betterment of humanity. Learn more Learn more Planetary ScienceAST’s planetary science are at the forefront […]