Welcome to Amelia Space Technologies (AST), where the frontiers of space become the horizons of possibility. Our dedication to space science and technology are about reaching the moons and stars, and harnessing the potential of the cosmos for the betterment of humanity.

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Planetary Science
AST’s planetary science are at the forefront of exploring celestial atmospheres and geology. AST’s research aids in understanding the potential for life and the processes that sculpt planetary formation, propelling our curiosity further into the solar system.

Space Missions
AST facilitates space missions from conception to decommission. AST specializes in concept design, build and test, launch operations, and ensuring mission success and compliance with international standards.

Space Mining & Exploration
AST envisions sustainable and peaceful space mining and exploration, focusing on in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) technologies. AST is drives the sustainable utilization of extraterrestrial materials, vital for the future of space economy and infrastructure.

Space Systems Engineering
AST’s expertise in space systems engineering ensures the integration of complex systems for successful space missions. AST covers all aspects, from design to operation, emphasizing reliability and efficiency in the harsh conditions of space.

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Spacecraft Engineering
AST’s spacecraft engineering capabilities encompass the full spectrum of design and development. AST collaborates to create advanced structures, power systems, thermal controls, and onboard computer systems tailored to mission needs.

Space Instrumentation
AST is instrumental in developing sophisticated space instruments that gather critical data. From telescopes to spectrometers and sensors, these technologies captures the nuances of the universe, fueling scientific discovery.

Space Data Systems
AST provides solutions for space data systems, focusing on the acquisition, processing, and interpretation of space data. AST’s advanced technologies ensure the integrity and utility of information gathered from space assets.

Earth Observation
AST leverages Earth observation technologies to monitor and understand our planet’s dynamic systems. AST’s expertise supports applications in environmental monitoring, resource management, and global security, delivering actionable insights from above.