Amelia Space Technologies (AST) is pioneering technology advancements that transcend traditional boundaries. AST democratizes access to cutting-edge technology, fostering  collaborative development and ethical AI for a more connected and secure future, both in space and on Earth.

AST’s open-source technology platform outperforms proprietary systems by offering unparalleled customization and collaborative development opportunities for tailored solutions. This drives innovation and reduces costs, making technology accessible to a wider audience and fostering an inclusive environment for technological advancement.

AST is developing a nanofluid with dual agricultural and cleaning applications, leveraging nanotechnology to enhance efficiency and safety in space and on Earth. This nanofluid, characterized by its super-concentration, extended shelf life, and reversal of polarities at the nano-scale, offers multifunctional benefits such as acting as a fertilizer, pesticide, and growth accelerator while being more effective in resource-scarce environments.

AST’s nanotechnology, composed of FDA-approved ingredients, is poised for space experiments to validate its efficacy in extreme conditions, with the potential to revolutionize both space-based and terrestrial agriculture and cleaning practices.

AST employs advanced cybersecurity measures, including end-to-end encryption, OAuth tokenization, and cloud security, to ensure robust perimeter defense. AST’s open-source platform and avoidance of third-party vulnerabilities, coupled with a comprehensive Cybersecurity Playbook, prioritize the privacy, security, and well-being of users and systems, setting a high standard for secure technology.

Artificial Intelligence
AST is building for the future of AI by advancing machine learning, computer vision, neuromorphic hardware, and more, while adapting to market trends and regulatory landscapes. AST’s approach to global shifts and public sentiment fosters ethical AI integration, with a focus on cross-disciplinary research to drive innovation.

AST leverages blockchain’s inherent security and consensus mechanisms to facilitate secure, transparent collaboration in space missions and lunar development initiatives. Smart contracts ensure automated, condition-based execution of agreements, enhancing efficiency and trust among stakeholders. This blockchain framework streamlines transactional processes and underpins the governance of space and lunar economic activities, for compliance and fostering a decentralized approach to space exploration and utilization.

Computer Vision
AST is developing an AI-driven computer vision system to enhance surveillance, integrating multi-sensor data into a centralized platform for automated detection. This system features an intuitive human-machine interface, allowing operators to interact with and refine the system’s rule-based algorithms, improving real-time threat identification and response. The scalable, cloud-based infrastructure ensures adaptability and robust performance, with the potential for global security collaboration and crowdsourced intelligence augmentation.