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Amelia Space Technologies (AST) provides solutions that advance space civilization, enable the lunar economy, foster space sustainability, and improve life on Earth.

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AST collaborates with a diverse expert network across public and private sectors, including engineers, scientists, researchers, technologists, policymakers, investors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders worldwide.

AST's Mission

The name Amelia derives from the word ameliorate: to improve and make better. Amelia Space Technologies is founded on the belief that humanity’s peaceful presence in space inspires possibilities to ameliorate life on Earth.


What we  do best

In collaboration with our partners, AST provides technologies and professional services for the space sector, including facilitating space missions, providing space technology, advancing space science and knowledge, developing space policy and finance, building Artificial Intelligence (AI) and nanotechnology, and with a strategic roadmap for future capability expansion.

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Amelia Space Technologies

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AST collaborates with engineers, scientists, researchers, technologists, policymakers, investors, lawyers, and business leaders worldwide.


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